Registration is free from the start to the hiring stage. No fee whatsoever. 

Obtain resident visa and travel to Canada to work as an Information Technology employee. It's happening already, as about 1,000 qualified candidates have traveled to Canada from different parts of the world for various information technology jobs offered by companies and businesses located in Canada. 


  1. Resident visa for yourself, for your spouse and for your children.

  2. Very attractive wage.

  3. Free housing for you and your family in Canada.



  1. You must have knowledge of, and be able to work proficiently with, at least one programming/coding language. A coding test will be conducted for you online. (Perhaps you don't have an information tech or software engineering training. Do not worry. We are going to train you.)

  2. You must be fluent in English at a professional level. An English proficiency test will be conducted "online".

  3. You are required to have some experience from employment or freelancing. Required just to boost your chances of getting picked.

  4. Finally, you will be interviewed through a phone or web call. This will be the final stage, after which you will very likely be selected for an employment and given resident visa to Canada.


  1. Register here for this opportunity. It's absolutely free.

  2. You will be contacted by us after your registration.