Frequently asked questions

What will the examination be based on? That is, what are we going to be tested for?

It is going to be an online computer-based exam, situate at centers at various locations. The testing will be based on the candidate's areas of study at the O-Levels--the sciences, commercials and arts subjects. Moreover, the British curriculum demands a good command of the English language for qualification as a student in the UK, hence the English Testing is the most important of them all. But, no worries, we shall treat past similar questions online with registered candidates, just to prepare them well on what to expect.

Where will the examination be taken?

In Nigeria. Locations will be arranged in accordance with the number of candidates at their various locations: for example, if we have a good number of candidates in Kano, a center will be arranged there for them; otherwise, they will have to come to the Head Center, which is Hollywood International School, Asaba, Delta State, to write the exams.

When will the exam start and when shall we receive the result?

The exact date of the exam and venue will be sent to everyone a month before the exam (both as an open announcement on the website, and as email and SMS push messages to all candidates). The exams will take place in Septembe, and the results will be released on the website one week after the examination.

When is the school in the UK resuming studies for the next session?

The school in the UK will resume in January/February 2019. When your result are released and you score above the cut-off mark, you will be given 6 weeks to produce your international passport, which is required for processing of all student visas at no cost to the candidates.

I see a promotion ongoing for the month of June. Please tell me more about it.

Yes, there is a promotion ongoing, and will end after June 29, 2018. All those who pay their fees on or before June 29 will receive an automatic addition of 50 marks to their scores after the examination.

What is the registration deadline--that is, when will registration and payment for participation in the scholarship program, end?

11:59pm of August 03, 2018

I am interested in this wonderful offer, but I am not a Nigerian, neither do I live in Nigeria. Can I still participate?

While our scholarship programme FOR THIS YEAR is focused on Nigerians (holding a Nigeria passport) living in any part of the world, we may give special consideration to other African citizens, so long as they live in Nigeria or can bring themselves over to Nigeria for the examination.

Is it everyone that registers and pays that gets issued scholarship?

No. By standard, academic scholarship is meant for people who are academically deserving, and ours is not the exception. Hence, there shall be an online computer-based examination conducted for every registered candidate; after which, the ones that reach or exceed the cut-off point will be receive our scholarship.

Which schools in the United Kingdom are we looking at for admission upon qualification for the scholarship?

Without exhausting the list, these are some of the academic institutions you will be admitted to when you pass our examination:
University of Liverpool University of Manchester North London University Metropolitan University University of Wales University of East London Southampton University University of Readings University of Oxford* *To gain admission into the University of Oxford, the candidate must score a 90 percent of the total

I have more questions to ask, beyond what is found here in the FAQ

That's absolutely normal. Choose one of the following options through which to reach us with your questions: 1. Have a live conversation with us on this website 2. Chat with us on WhatsApp. Add this number to your phone Contacts, and join us. Here goes: +447404215402