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Get Acquainted With The Process

It might seem daunting to anyone at first trying to find his way around on any website newly visited, or even understanding what this particular website is all about. Of course we agree completely that you might need to be taken by the hand and shown what to do and how to do. So, let's get started on your orientation.

Firstly, this is a guiding and somewhat interactive scholarship website. By that we mean...a website that guides you on how to participate in a fantastic scholarship program organized by collaboration of Holywood International School, Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria, and Sinabela Associates Limited, Kent, United Kingdom. Other similar websites offer partial scholarship--50 percent or thereabouts, and some less. We offer 100 percent tuition scholarship--implying that you will not pay a dime to study in the UK.

Now, you ask, "so how do I participate in this fantastic offer?" Very simple. For those who want to pursue a Bachelor's Degree, they must already have an O-Level qualification--from WAEC or NECO. Of course, those who want to purse a Master's Degree must hold a Bachelor's Degree. Next, an examination will be taken by all those interested in our scholarship program. This exam aids us in determining those who are academically okay, as that definitely is a requirement for any scholarship. But, nothing to be afraid of--everyone is tested based on the Nigerian education standard. Moreover, to ensure that everyone takes the exam with maximum level of confidence, we organize recapitulative and expositional lessons here on our website, mostly based on past questions from similar tests from the admitting University in the UK.

Permit me to drop another point for everyone's confidence: more than 70-percent of the past partakers in this kind of assessment test are known to have passed successfully, and so should everyone else...as it ought to be.

Finally, it is a noteworthy fact that the English language is key to everything didactic in the United Kingdom. What that mean is...it is the native and official language of expression, communication and instruction in their societies and institutions, hence their number-one prerequisite for admission into any academic institution therein. That being said, we will deliver English language test-prepatory classes online, to equip all our candidates to scale through a compulsory test of English language, being part of the computer-based test for scholarship qualification. This test will usually be in the essay form.

So, should there be questions or comments ensuing from this article, don't hesitate to drop them below for further discussions. You may also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions .

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